East Cheyenne Gas Storage

East Cheyenne Gas Storage facility is a FERC certified interstate natural gas storage facility located in Logan County Colorado approximately 23 miles north of Sterling, Colorado. The facility is strategically located near the Rockies Express and Trailblazer interstate transmission lines, east of the Cheyenne Hub, and is currently interconnected with Trailblazer Pipeline.

East Cheyenne Gas Storage provides a much needed source for seasonal, daily and intra-day load management on interstate pipelines serving markets throughout the Front Range, West, and Midwest regions. The East Cheyenne Gas Storage field has been designed and built to offer services to utilities, power generators, pipelines, producers and marketers that require storage to meet gas demand peaks that exceed production and long-haul pipeline throughput.

East Cheyenne serves an important role in helping natural gas market participants manage pipeline imbalances and daily and seasonal price volatility.